Why are prices at airports so high?

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Everything is always more expensive at airports, it’s an objective fact. The price of a cup of coffee or a bottle of water, whether in Amsterdam, Warsaw or Auckland, can be several times higher than the usual price in a cafe near your home, but there are objective reasons for this. It seems like a no-brainer, and everyone has long been used to it. But why is this happening? The Aviator channel on Yandex Zen has put everything on the shelves.

The security requirements for any objects brought into the airport, especially in its “clean” zone (after passport control and customs inspection), are very strict. Each delivery is agreed upon in advance, and all products are checked by the Security Service. Sometimes they are brought through the airfield, and not all drivers have access to it. To get permission, you need to pass a special exam and confirm your skills annually. Employees are admitted to the sterile area with special passes, which sometimes take several months to issue.

There are special requirements for airport kitchens. For example, all knives used in cooking must be attached to the wall with a metal chain so that no one can take them away. Forks and knives intended for guests are carefully counted at the end of each shift and put in the safe at night. This applies only to metal appliances, so many establishments refuse to use them in favor of plastic ones.

airport pricesAll these costs need to be recouped, so catering and retail establishments have to raise prices. This also includes expensive rent – its cost is determined by auction, so it often reaches impressive figures.

Nevertheless, all these difficulties do not stop shop and cafe owners from selling their goods even at such prices. At the airport, the flow of consumers is such that no other shopping center can match, and travelers have no cheap alternative – they are forced to accept the prices of suppliers.

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