What to do to avoid sunburn and how to remove burns

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The discomfort that accompanies a sunburn is familiar to almost everyone. It is quite easy to get sunburned even without going to the beach. In the spring, when the skin is sensitive to ultraviolet radiation after winter, problems can arise – redness, swelling, itching, headache, blistering, fever, dehydration. If the burned area is not properly cared for, infection is possible. In the summer months, the query “how not to get sunburned at sea” is searched only 20 times, and the query “what to do if you get sunburned” is searched 1650 times. That is, in most cases, people do not try to prevent the problem. In this article, we will analyze the question of how not to burn at sea and what actions to take if this happens.

Tips on how not to burn in the sun

The best recipe for treating sunburn is prevention. Therefore, if you are going to be in the sun for a long time, follow these simple recommendations:

  • apply a special cream that prevents burns;
  • at the beginning of a beach vacation, do not get carried away with sunburn – start with 15–20 minutes, gradually increase the period of rest on the shore;
  • in the summer, try not to go out in the sun during the day, in the period from 12-00 to 17-00 it is better to stay indoors;
  • choose clothes made of natural fabrics;
  • wear a hat.

This is important! At the slightest symptoms of sunburn, visit a doctor, qualified help will help you avoid possible complications such as dehydration, infection or intoxication.

Remember, frequent and prolonged exposure to the sun is not only a beautiful tan, but also a serious problem. First of all, the skin begins to age faster. Frequent sunburn increases the likelihood of developing skin cancer.

A few words about choosing a sunscreen

Everyone should use such a cream in sunny weather. The main thing is to choose a product with the right sun protection factor. People with sensitive and white skin need a cream with the highest factor – SPF 50. Darker people can use a cream with a protective factor of 15 to 25.

Good to know! A good product that helps prevent sunburn is coconut oil. It protects against ultraviolet radiation, moisturizes and provides a beautiful, even tan.

Who is contraindicated to sunbathe

Exposure to ultraviolet radiation is dangerous for:

  • pregnant women
  • children of the first year of life;
  • the elderly;
  • patients who are prescribed a course of therapy with drugs that increase the sensitivity of the skin – antidepressants, corticosteroids, some antibiotics;
  • people with vascular and cardiac pathologies, neurological diseases.

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Burnt skin in the sun – what to do

Before using a certain therapy regimen, it is important to correctly assess the patient’s condition according to the following signs

  • red, hot areas appear on the body
  • increased sensitivity;
  • swelling, the presence of blisters;
  • fever;
  • headache.

Depending on the presence and intensity of the signs of sunburn, there are four degrees of sunburn:

  1. red areas and minor discomfort appear;
  2. blisters filled with fluid form, headache, fever, and fever;
  3. most of the skin surface is damaged, the structure of the dermis is disturbed;
  4. there are signs of dehydration, and the functioning of internal organs is disturbed.

This is important! Burns of the first two degrees can be easily treated on their own, while more severe conditions require specialized care in medical institutions.

What to do if you get sunburned – emergency care if you don’t have a fever

It is not always possible to prevent a burn, and the sun can cause quite serious damage. You need to know how to help, what to use if you get burned in the sun.

  • Take the person to a shaded place, or even better, to a cool place.
  • Assess the condition, and if it causes concern, call an ambulance.
  • Treat the sun-affected areas with cool gauze (change the cloth every ten minutes).
  • It is advisable to help the person take a shower – always a cool one.
  • Give the person water to drink.
  • Treat the affected areas with painkillers.

Pharmacies offer a wide range of aerosols and gels that help to eliminate burn symptoms and restore the structure of the dermis.

What to smear if you get sunburned – an overview of drugs, how to use
Name How it works Scheme of application
Panthenol Does Panthenol help with sunburn? Perhaps this aerosol is the most popular for sunburns. It restores the structure of the dermis, relieves inflammation and redness. Panthenol helps even with sensitive skin. Apply three to five times a day.
Lavian (aerosol) Quickly heals damaged areas. Apply once a day. The treatment duration is seven days.
Eloevera (cream) A drug of combined action:
  • heals wounds quickly;
  • protects the cell membrane from further damage.
Apply three to five times daily.
Carotolin It is a strong antioxidant that protects cells and heals quickly. Prevents wound infection. Apply to a cloth, apply a compress to the area that causes discomfort. The procedure is repeated twice daily.
Zinc ointment Neutralizes inflammation, heals wounds, neutralizes dangerous microflora. Apply three times a day.

When you can’t get to a pharmacy, use other medicines at hand. Any spray or gel for sunburn can be replaced with baby cream. A diaper rash cream is best. Cool wipes should be applied to the burns at intervals of 20–30 minutes. If possible, do not touch the burned areas, wear loose-fitting clothes.

Important! It is strictly forbidden to treat sunburns with oily creams, lotions, alcohol, or petroleum jelly. In this case, thermal damage is aggravated.

Sunburned and feverish – what to do

When a burn is accompanied by fever, it indicates a high temperature and may be accompanied by the following symptoms:

  • nausea (in severe situations accompanied by vomiting);
  • critical reduction of blood pressure;
  • fainting.

It is necessary to call an ambulance.

When a person is burned in the sun, but the temperature is no more than +37.5 degrees, you can do the following

  1. apply anti-burn medications;
  2. constantly apply wet, cool wipes;
  3. to eliminate discomfort, inflammation, fever, use Ibuprofen, Paracetamol or Nurofen;
  4. antihistamines, such as Edem or Loratodine, are prescribed to eliminate redness.

Important! Antihistamines and anti-inflammatory non-steroidal drugs are prohibited for external use.

Sunburned – how to treat it if you don’t have any pharmacy products

How to get rid of sunburn when you don’t have a special product in your first aid kit. You can use some folk recipes. Their preparation will take a minimum of time.

  1. A wet wipe. A universal method of treating sunburn. It is necessary to use a napkin that does not contain fragrances. It is removed as soon as it dries. This procedure moisturizes and reduces discomfort.
  2. Ice. It is strictly forbidden to place ice directly on the burn site; it is placed at a distance of 5 cm from the damaged area. As a result, swelling and inflammation disappear, and discomfort decreases. This technique is effective only for minor burns.
  3. Egg white is rubbed into the burn, when it dries, the procedure can be repeated. As a result, pain is reduced.
  4. Sour-milk products. A technique proven by more than one generation – kefir is applied to the burned area (yogurt or sour cream can be used). Make sure that the product does not dry out. This way, you can reduce discomfort and eliminate inflammation.
  5. Watermelon juice. Don’t know how to remove redness when your face is sunburned? Use watermelon pulp juice. Soak a napkin in the juice and apply it in the form of compresses. The procedure eliminates redness and prevents infection.
  6. Herbal compresses. For preparation, you need mint and nettle inflorescences. A tablespoon of crushed raw materials is poured with half a liter of boiling water, cooled. A soft cloth is moistened in the infusion and applied to the lesion. The technique neutralizes itching, redness, and effectively cools the skin.
  7. Cucumber. It is enough to cut the vegetable into pieces and apply it to the lesion.
  8. Soda solution. Dissolve a tablespoon of baking soda in a glass of cold, purified water. You can make soda compresses with the solution. This method eliminates swelling, discomfort, and inflammation.
  9. Fresh root vegetables. Raw potatoes, pumpkin, or carrots are suitable. The root vegetable is grated (you can grind it with a blender), and the gruel is applied to the source of discomfort. The compress eliminates discomfort, neutralizes pain and itching.

What not to do if a person has a sunburn

Бувають випадки, коли слід від опіку, на перший погляд, незначний, але в результаті неправильного лікування термін одужання і відновлення дерми збільшується.

Good to know! How long does a sunburn take to heal – most often, full recovery occurs in two weeks. With the illiterate use of drugs, improperly selected therapy, recovery will take much longer.

To avoid harming a person and alleviate the symptoms of burns, you need to know how to provide assistance and what you should absolutely not do.

  1. Apply ice to the damaged areas. At first glance, it seems that ice is anesthetizing. This is true, but at the same time, it damages the dermis, and as a result, tissue dies. Also, do not apply ice compresses to the burn.
  2. Wash the burn with soap and use a brush. In addition to soap, you can use cosmetics that contain alkali. A cool shower is sufficient to alleviate the condition.
  3. Do not use products containing alcohol. Alcohol preparations injure the skin, increasing the thermal effect.
  4. Perform procedures with petroleum jelly, creams of oily consistency. Such products form a film that prevents skin circulation. As a result, the skin continues to heat up.
  5. Make urine compresses. Unfortunately, despite the large selection of drugs in the pharmacy, and effective methods based on centuries of observation, there are still people who welcome the principles of urine therapy. It is strictly forbidden to treat burns with urine, as it can cause infection.
  6. Drink alcohol, coffee, and tea. They dehydrate the body.
  7. Continue to stay in the sun. Even if you have the simplest, most minor burn and the condition is not alarming, you can continue to sunbathe. It is better to refrain from visiting the beach for a few days. Otherwise, the condition will deteriorate sharply.
  8. Puncture blisters. This method is dangerous due to possible infection.

No one is immune from sunburn. Doctors strongly recommend not to rely on the body’s protective functions, but to help it fight wounds. First of all, use sunscreen to avoid getting burned in the sun – this is the best prevention. If preventive measures do not help, go to the pharmacy and use folk methods. This way, the healing process will go as quickly as possible. Now you know what to do if you get sunburned, we are sure that you will have only positive impressions of your vacation by the sea.

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