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Bali traditionally has two seasons: dry and rainy. The first one lasts from May to October, it is believed that it is better suited for recreation, and the second one – from November to April, at which time the probability of bad weather increases. In practice, guests come to this Indonesian island all year round because the temperature remains comfortable for sunbathing and swimming.Bali rainy season

High, dry season

As early as May, the weather in Bali is dry and hot, the winds die down, and the sun shines all the time. At the beginning of the season, it rains from time to time, but they are rare and not very heavy. By mid-summer, precipitation stops altogether, but it can be very hot. If in the first month of summer tourists are comfortable not only relaxing on the beach but also exploring the sights, then by the second half of July excursions can be difficult to perceive.season in Bali

In September, the heat subsides, a pleasant breeze appears, and it’s an ideal time to travel with children, and surfers are happy to ride the waves.

When planning a trip, keep in mind that the southern part of the island is always much hotter than the northern part.

During the dry season, hotel prices rise and the number of tourists increases: the beaches can be crowded, and it is better to arrive early in the morning to enjoy the sights in silence.scores in May

The rainy season

The wet period is called the low season in Bali, but this does not mean that it is impossible to swim or sunbathe from November to April, you just need to prepare for wind and rain. The ideal time to travel is November or March: there are few tourists, prices are falling, and the weather is summer by the standards of Russian travelers. You can sunbathe and see temples and monuments. But in the period from December to February, swimming can be difficult: a strong wind blows, bringing high waves with it.scores when the season is

There are as many vacationers during the New Year holidays as during the high season, and accommodation prices soar.

The locals call the rainy season “Russian”; many travelers from Russia and the CIS countries come to the resorts during this time.

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Many people worry about how the climate is tolerated in Bali. Everyone is different: some say that the combination of high humidity and heat makes them feel uncomfortable, while others say that periodic showers are refreshing and relieve stuffiness.bali in summer

Winter is a great time to travel around the island and see the sights. Those who are already windsurfing or dream of learning to surf will especially enjoy this time – the sun, warm weather, high waves and relatively few tourists make for comfortable riding.

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