Why can’t I take liquids on the plane?

Пляшки в літак Interesting facts

Today we will discuss why it is forbidden to bring on board an airplane jars with liquids larger than 100 ml.

Probably everyone who has flown has seen these mountains of creams, water bottles, and so on lying next to the inspection area.

But why are they selected?

The answer to this question must begin with history, with the mid-noughties.

liquids in the planeIn 2006-2007, several attempted in-flight terrorist attacks were carried out. Investigations revealed that the terrorist had smuggled explosives disguised as ordinary liquids on board the plane. During the flight itself, he was able to put it together and detonate it.

And this, as history shows, happened more than once. Of course, security services began to think about how to fix it.

Naturally, the most obvious way is to ban the transportation of this very liquid. But how strict is the restriction?

liquids in an airplaneIn 2007, experts estimated that…

By a joint decision of the commission, it was decided that containers with a volume of no more than 100 ml each and a total of no more than 1 liter may be taken on board the aircraft.


Why so many?

It was decided that these volumes were optimal. This is enough for a person to meet their physical needs [drinking, taking medications, etc.].

safety in flightAt the same time, there are enough means on board to localize any consequences in case any dangerous liquid is carried in these bottles.

Why then can you carry liquids from Duty Free?

The fact is that duty-free shops are trusted outlets. All products are carefully checked before being delivered to the terminal’s sales area.

duty freeThe bottles are guaranteed to be free of liquids that are dangerous for flying.

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