Humpback whale watching season opens in Dominican Republic

У Домінікані відкрився сезон спостереження за горбатими китами Interesting facts

In the Dominican Republic, the time has come again when everyone can enjoy a truly breathtaking natural spectacle – the pilgrimage of humpback whales to the warm waters of Samanu Bay. The Dominican Republic is one of the most famous places in the world to observe these huge mammals, which make a journey to the southern latitudes every January, where they stay until the end of March to give birth to calves and form new mating pairs.

Despite the fact that the official humpback whale watching season begins in January, the whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) “flock” to the shoals of Banco de la Plata and Banco de la Navidad at the end of December from all over the North Atlantic. The males in love sing melodious “serenades” to their ladies, which can be repeated for several hours and even days, as the vocal repertoire plays an important role during the breeding season. These huge animals, reaching up to 18 meters in length, are very diligent in courtship, frolicking and releasing fountains of water up to three meters high, and are very serious about creating a family, remaining faithful to their loved ones until the end of their days. It is here that newborn whales swim their first meters, preparing to return to the north with the pod.

It is not surprising that the spectacle attracts thousands of tourists to the Samana Peninsula, who want to see thousands of humpback whales from the Arctic and Greenland appear in the vicinity of the coastal strip.

humpback whalesThere are two ways to witness this celebration of nature. The first one is an all-inclusive tour, recommended for people who have decided to go on an excursion for the first time. A boat trip will allow you to see the animals at close range. In addition to direct whale watching, the tour may include a visit to a marine reserve and a whale museum. The tour starts at the pier in Santa Barbara de Samana.

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