Cryptoacquiring – what it is and the main advantages of accepting cryptocurrency payments

Криптоеквайринг - що це таке Useful information

Hello, dear readers of the Mandry-club blog. Nowadays, cryptocurrency is becoming an increasingly popular digital asset used to pay for goods and services. This tool not only contributes to generating additional income, but also protects the value of assets.

So why is the business world increasingly choosing this virtual asset to accept payments?

The benefits of using a cryptocurrency gateway

  • Expanding the global customer base. By accepting cryptocurrency payments, you facilitate international transactions, which is especially relevant for businesses targeting overseas consumers, such as exporting goods or providing digital services.
  • Minimize the risk of blocked funds. By decentralizing cryptocurrency, there is no single regulatory structure, avoiding most of the restrictions imposed by governments and financial institutions.
  • Reduced commission costs. Cryptocurrency transactions involve fees that are much lower than international bank transfer fees.
  • Fast cryptocurrency payments. The absence of bank intermediaries significantly reduces the time it takes to complete each transaction. In addition, by increasing the commission, you can speed up the processing of the transaction.
  • Confidentiality of personal data is provided at a high level. Accepting payments in cryptocurrency, complete anonymity of information about wallet owners is guaranteed. It reduces the risk of fraud, information theft and other negative consequences.
  • Acceptance of payments is possible around the clock. Unlike banks, cryptocurrency transactions are carried out regardless of the time of day and date.

What is crypto-acquiring and how to integrate it into your business

Crypto-acquiring is a way to accept payments for goods and services online using cryptocurrency.

By connecting it to your website or online store, you can increase your payment conversion rate and improve your project’s financial performance.

Crypto Cloud

Cryptocurrency Gateway Pros:

  1. Accepting international payments becomes much easier than with fiat money;
  2. Payment risks are practically absent, owners’ accounts are completely safe;
  3. Transactions are processed automatically regardless of the day and time of day.
  4. By connecting a cryptocurrency payment gateway, you can increase the conversion rate for payments.

To accept cryptocurrency payments, it is worth turning to a company that provides a transparent environment for transactions and guarantees the protection of its customers’ data. An example of this is CryptoCloud crypto-acquiring. At the moment, it is considered one of the most convenient and reliable tools for accepting cryptocurrency payments.

The process of integration of CryptoCloud crypto acquiring is extremely simple:

  • You register an account, fill in information about your project in your personal cabinet;
  • Choose the suitable option of integration. You can use ready modules for Woocommerce, Tilda, Prestashop and others. Or make integration using API with a clear structure or universal HTML-widget;
  • If necessary, you can add a bank card payment widget to your project, allowing customers without cryptocurrency to purchase directly at checkout.

Integrating a cryptocurrency gateway into your project will take no more than half an hour.

Cryptocurrency is the perfect solution for accepting international payments

Implementing a cryptocurrency gateway allows you to easily receive payments without being bound to the borders of a particular country.

Of course, decentralization, and anonymity have their pros and cons. Nevertheless, the advantages offered by cryptocurrency make it a popular financial instrument in many regions.

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