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Permission to enter Canada in connection with an emergency situation

17.03.2022 Canada launched a new program Canada Ukraine Authorization for Emergency travel (CUAET) and is ready to accept an unlimited number of refugees from Ukraine. CUAET is a special accelerated method of temporary residence for Ukrainians (without refugee status).

This program allows Ukrainians and their immediate family members of any nationality to stay in Canada as temporary residents for up to 3 years. Ukrainian workers, students and visitors, as well as their family members who are already in Canada, can also take advantage of these measures. They can apply for a 3-year extension of their visitor status or work permit, apply for a new work and study permit, or extend their current permit.

Applicants who are abroad must submit an online application for a Canadian visitor visa and provide their biometric data (fingerprints and a photograph). At the same time as applying for a visa, it is recommended to apply for an open work permit for a period of 3 years.

For you can apply to CUAET:

  1. Receive the request code
  2. Register on the portal IRCC
  3. Start the online form (select emergency travel, not visitor visa)
  4. If you want to get an open work permit, do not forget to answer YES to the question whether you want to work in Canada

More information about CUAET

Students in elementary and secondary schools can register and start attending school as soon as they arrive in Canada, and those wishing to attend a post-secondary institution can apply for a study permit upon arrival.

In standard cases, CUAET will facilitate the rapid processing of electronic visa applications within 14 days of receipt of a complete application. To ease the burden on applicants, the IRCC waives all registration fees for these programs.

Українці та члени їх сімей звільнені від вимог щеплення від COVID-19. З усім тим, вони не звільняються від тестування (PCR або RT-LAMP) і карантину (14 днів). Детальніше.
Всі, хто прибуває в рамках CUAET, також повинні використовувати додаток ArriveCAN (рекомендуємо звантажити на телефон заздалегідь). Без COVID-тесту та ArriveCAN не пускають на літак.

Подача на Канадську візу

Visa applications can be submitted online from anywhere in the world. Biometrics can be submitted at any Visa Application Center (VAC) outside of Ukraine. You should visit the VAC website to find the nearest service point. Please note that it is not always possible to submit biometrics at one visa center and passports for visa insertion at another.

IRCC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) has created a special channel for processing immigration requests from Ukraine, available to clients both in Canada and abroad.

  • Phone: +1 613-321-4243
  • Working hours: Mon – Fri, 06:30 – 19:00
  • Currently, the languages available are English and French

If you submit a request through the crisis web form, be sure to add the keyword “Ukraine2022“. Such requests are processed as quickly as possible. Visa and travel documents fees for Ukrainian citizens have been canceled.

When filling out the form, try to describe your situation as consistently and concisely as possible. Be sure to attach copies of all documents related to your request, preferably in PDF format.

The process of applying for a Canadian visa is described in detail here.

If you have any questions, you can ask them in Telegram chat (consultations are free of charge).

Temporary resident visa (TRV) by invitation

Canada is introducing new measures to help people affected by the war in Ukraine.

Voniyu include in themselves:

  • Urgent issuance of new and replacement passports and travel documents for Canadian citizens and residents in Ukraine so that they can return to Canada at any time. This includes immediate family members who will be traveling with them
  • Prioritizing applications from people who currently reside in Ukraine and apply to the Canadian authorities for the purpose of:
  • obtaining permanent residence
  • proof of citizenship
  • acquiring the right to temporary residence
  • granting of citizenship for reinforcement
  • granting exemptions for unvaccinated and partially vaccinated Ukrainian citizens to enter Canada. This allows you to enter Canada unvaccinated, partially vaccinated, or vaccinated with a vaccine that has not been approved by Canada. But you still need to comply with all other public health requirements, such as quarantine and testing (including a COVID test before boarding a flight)
  • Expanding the agency’s capabilities so that people receive the most prompt responses to their appeals
  • the introduction of a temporary government permit that will allow some visitors to Canada, including Ukrainians, to apply for a work permit within Canada. This means that people who have received a job offer can stay in Canada and start working while their work permit application is being processed

For those in Canada

Extension or renewal of status as a

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