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Resorts of the world: Puerto Plata. Description, interesting facts, gastronomic traditions, attractions

Dominican Republic – is a real star of tourist brochures. Its beaches are legendary, and the possibility of year-round recreation under the hot sun gives the country the image of a paradise. Among the Dominican Republic’s resort areas, Puerto Plata is a popular destination for travelers. What is the reason for this interest? The answer is on the surface!

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General information

The Dominican Republic is one of the most underserved countries in the Caribbean. It shares an island with Haiti, but the difference between the two countries is enormous. The Dominican Republic is the pearl of the Greater Antilles, a coveted beach vacation destination, and a respectable place for sunbathing. The Dominican Republic has quite loyal views on visa policy, which is not surprising. The main source of income for the country is tourism. For example, Ukrainians are allowed to stay without a visa for up to 30 days.

puerto plata Dominican republicAmong the provinces of the Dominican Republic, Puerto Plata boasts high tourist demand in the north of the country. The province includes popular resort areas that attract travelers with luxurious (even by Dominican standards) beaches. In addition, this part of the country is washed by the Atlantic Ocean, not the Caribbean Sea. It likes to “play naughty”, giving waves to extreme sports enthusiasts.

Interesting facts about Puerto Plataу

  • The area to which Puerto Plata belongs is called the Costa del Ambar, or Amber Coast;
  • The name of the province of Puerto Plata (Silver Coast) was given by no less than Christopher Columbus himself;
  • guests of the region have access to a rare entertainment for the local area – riding a funicular (to the top of La Loma Isabel de Torres and back).пуэрто плата в августе

Key attractions of Puerto Plata

Travelers who choose the province of Puerto Plata for their vacation rely on beach vacations. Only the capital of the province, San Felipe de Puerto Plata, can offer an excursion program, but this is more than enough for a change. The city was founded in the XVI century, but was completely destroyed in the middle of the XIX century, and then rebuilt. Today, San Felipe de Puerto Plata is a brilliant example of the Victorian style of urban development.

Fort St. Felipe

A powerful fortification built in the 16th century. The complex is located on a hill with stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean. The fort now houses a museum.puerto plata white sand

Fortaleza Lighthouse

Perhaps one of the most romantic sights of the Amber Coast. A landmark for long-distance sailors decorated the area in the late 19th century.puerto plata in november

The ruins of Columbus’s house

The discoverer did not just sail past the northern shore of the Dominican Republic. He landed on the island and lived for some time in the city, which was founded by his brother Bartolomeo.

Unusual gastronomic traditions

The canons of Dominican cuisine are based on Creole, African, and Caribbean traditions. The Puerto Plata region is no exception. Beans and rice crops, meat, vegetables and fruits are also in use here. The abundance of spices gives the dishes a special flavor. Fried bananas are another specialty in many recipes. In restaurants of the province, you should try sankocho (stew of meat and vegetables), asapao (soup with meat and rice), puerco asado (fried pork). Adult travelers are happy to drink hot locally produced rum. Santo Domingo coffee, named after the country’s capital, is a good way to start the day.puerto plata town

For whom is the vacation in Puerto Plata designed

To begin with, beaches are an essential feature of any of the province’s resort areas. Snow-white sand, clear water, and the Blue Flag, which confirms the safety of the area for swimming. But every popular resort has its own flavor.

San Felipe de Puerto Plata: beach + excursions

All the sights of the province are concentrated here. If it’s important for you to get around architectural monuments, visit several museums and places of worship – welcome to the capital of the region!puerto plata cabarete

Cabarete: beach + sports

The Atlantic Ocean pampers guests with perfect waves for surfing, kitesurfing, and windsurfing. The audience in the resort area is appropriate. Young people, extreme sportsmen and women, people who are easy-going and adventurous. After water activities, you can “relax” on land: cycling, horseback riding, tennis. Read more in our article. Серфінг в Домінікані puerto plata sea

Playa Dorada: beach + children

It is an interesting conglomerate of all-inclusive hotels where guests do not even think about leaving their luxurious palaces, because Playa Dorada has everything. Nature is also generous: white beaches, emerald tropics, noisy waterfalls. Playa Dorada is well suited for families with children. All hotel complexes offer a wide range of childcare services. The Blue Flag only adds points to the area.

Puerto Plata

Sosua: beach + bari

Puerto Plata’s nightlife is concentrated in this cozy town, hidden in a small bay. Bars, clubs, discos are open from dusk to dawn, offering young people to forget about tomorrow and enjoy the moment. In the daytime, you can go diving and snorkeling in the coastal waters.
puerto plata beachPuerto Plata is the gold standard of vacation in the Dominican Republic, even though it is translated as the Silver Port. Charming nature, good beaches, and resorts with a twist are what the most demanding traveler needs. If you’re tired of Turkish all-inclusive and the endless desert of Egypt, we remind you that summer reigns in the country all year round, so you can book your trip right now. Use your chance!


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