What not to do in Egypt under any circumstances

Чого не можна робити в Єгипті ні за яких обставин Interesting facts

Every country has its own secrets. While vacationing in Egypt, I learned what not to do in Egypt to preserve your health and make your vacation truly wonderful.

  1. Tap water. Under no circumstances should you drink it. The fact is that in this country the water is very poorly purified, and therefore it is better to buy water in the store and take care of your health.

    If you start having stomach problems on vacation, many people blame the food, but in fact it may be the water you used to quench your thirst.

  2. Shells found in the sea. Many people do not mind taking a beautiful shell or coral found on the shore with them, but this is a violation of the law! For souvenirs, it is better to go to the appropriate store or buy beauty at the hotel.

    Of course, some people hide shells in suitcases or handbags and do not get caught, but not everyone can do it.

  3. Bathing after sunset. You can not do this even in the pool next to your hotel. At night, the pools turn on the cleaning system, which uses strong chemicals. They kill bacteria, but they pose a threat to the body. Do not take risks and do not swim at night. You can’t swim in the sea at night either, because it is home to many predators.

    If you don’t want to be eaten by a big fish, don’t swim at night.

  4. Do not touch sea creatures. Corals or fish will not harm you if you do not try to touch them. That is why you should not touch marine life and their homes.
  5. Don’t buy disks and photos from excursions. The fact is that in most cases, they are of disgusting quality. It is better to pay for permission to shoot, even on a regular smartphone, than to pay a decent amount for a tour recording.

These are the bans that exist in Egypt. Please like if you were interested, and I will make another list with bans for other countries.

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