About the Mandry Club

The Mandry Club project, which was created primarily for independent travelers and is designed to simplify their lives in terms of planning routes, finding up-to-date information, accommodation, tickets, etc.

“Package” tourists will undoubtedly also find a lot of useful things on Mandry.club and, if they wish, will be able to go on their next trip on their own. Believe me, it’s worth it and there are not as many problems as it might seem at first. And there will be even fewer of them if you go with Mandry.club))

What we have, practically have, or will have in the near future:

  • verified information about countries, cities and attractions, without the “praise” of travel agencies;
  • a service for quick selection of a travel destination depending on your desires and capabilities at the time;
  • a service for booking air tickets and car rental;
  • Housing booking service;
  • The ability to get an answer to a question of interest;
  • Cashback for car or home rental, ticketing, tours;
  • And a dozen more useful gimmicks, the ideas of which will be born in the process of implementing the above.

In the meantime, if any of the above is not on the site, you probably came to us at the stage of realization of the plan, and now we are working tirelessly.

Sincerely, Mandry Club

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